Christa Schlögel
Auf der Seeleite 2
D-82404 Sindelsdorf

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Our Organic Farm is our life

As trendsetters in this field, we have succeeded in turning our farm into an environmentally safe and supportive place. Our cultivation is organic, we ensure the conservation of the natural environment, and we gain our energy from alternative sources. In addition, we have built our farm according to standard ecological requirements. Our energy is provided by the sun, cow dung and by the dairy milk. We'll gladly explain how this is possible.

Organic cultivation

The Seeleitenhof is run according to the regulations of the organic tillage association (Biokontrollnummer D-BY-M-005-02396-A).

Conservation of the natural environment

Our Seeleitenhof is a conservation farm of the Loisach-Kochelsee-Moor area. It is a pilot project of the “Centre for Environment and Culture” in Benediktbeuren, for the protection of species and biotopes.

Production of alternative energy supplies

Our energy is produced by our biogas facility, solar panels and three photopholtaik facilities. Furthermore we heat with wood and the sun roof dries our hay naturally.

Nature is our main concern – going back to the roots

Organic building products were incorporated in the construction of the farm and the farm house. We cut the trees for our wood in our own woods and adhered to the phases of the moon. We have our own organic sewage bed that cleans our waste water. Our complete enterprise is run by green electricity. Our cows produce the milk for the highly acclaimed Andechs Dairy Company, which is well known for its high quality organic products.

We are the prize winner of the Henry Ford European Conservation Awards 1998 in the category of protection of the environment, “Pilot project farm for landscape management”.