Christa Schlögel
Auf der Seeleite 2
D-82404 Sindelsdorf

Tel. +49 8856 5723

Logo Biokreis und Kräuterpädagoge

Life on the farm for children and adults

Whether you're just here for a short stay to get your batteries recharged or whether you've decided on a longer stay in this paradise on earth – we do our best to cater to the needs of city folks (young and old alike): petting cows, drinking fresh milk, helping to feed the animals, good country air, healthy food, fresh herbs from the herbal garden, bonfires, playing in the hay and just being close to nature. In winter there are sleigh rides.

Children become friendly with our animals very quickly and love to help in the barn with the hay forks (children's size), riding on the children's tractor, bouncing around on our trampoline or lying in the grass and observing the lady bugs.

Riding lessons and horse and buggy rides are available on a neighbouring farm.

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