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D-82404 Sindelsdorf

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In the Pfaffenwinkel

Our farm is about 500m away from Sindelsdorf. Here the famous artist group "Blauer Reiter" came into being. Franz Marc, a member of the group, first got to know Sindelsdorf while he was on vacation. He was so fascinated by the area that he decided to stay. All of his major work was created within the time he spent in Sindelsdorf. The newly designed painter's route gives you the chance to immerse yourself into the world of the former colony of artists.

The "Blaue Land"

Sindelsdorf is one of the oldest towns in the Pfaffenwinkel. Here you can enjoy all of the scenic attractions of the Bavarian alpine upland. This area which is called the "Blaue Land" (Blue Land) because of its special evening mood offers great art and culture. Sacral buildings, castles and museums as well as classic, jazz and world music are waiting for you. Bon vivants enjoy the variety of farmer's markets and the lived Bavarian pub culture.