Christa Schlögel
Auf der Seeleite 2
D-82404 Sindelsdorf

Tel. +49 8856 5723

Logo Biokreis und Kräuterpädagoge

Heavenly silence at the Seeleitenhof

Sweeten the cold winter days with the deliciousness of summer. Our storage room is filled with rose jam, mint syrup, elderberry liquer… When there's snow, you can get into your cross country skies right at our door step and enjoy the trail around the moor. It's just the perfect length to get some fresh air in your lungs and to work up a bit of an appetite.

For Alpine skiing you can go to the Zugspitze or drive to Brauneck. You can rent skis and take skiing lessons at these places. You can of course go on a ski tour or go snowshoing with a personal coach.