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Unser Seeleitenhof-Pauschalangebot für Sie

Leisure time and the magic of herbs in rhythm with nature

Our herbal garden is a “special place” of peace, regeneration and inspiration. It was aimed at being in alignment with the four cardinal points and their corresponding elements. According traditional understanding, the powers of nature arrange themselves in the four elements of fire, earth, water and air. These four primal elements can be ascribed to certain qualities. Accordingly they can also be associated with the four seasons, the cycles of life, and the varying stages of projects. We invite you to enjoy this sensuous place and allow its energies to revitalize you.

Sensuous herbal experience in the changing of the seasons

Whether it is with “The blossoming delight of the summer sun” or “The preserving of the treasures of spring”, I invite you as a herbal pedagogue/specialist to experience these herbs with all your senses. Please check out our various presentations and lectures which we offer and can be booked in our annual events section, “The Annual Sensuous Herbal Cycle”.